Does Hobby Lobby Have Rc Cars

Are you an RC car enthusiast in search of a reliable and reputable retailer for your hobby needs? If so, you may be wondering if Hobby Lobby carries a selection of RC cars.

This article aims to provide an objective and informative overview of the different types of RC cars available at Hobby Lobby, including the brands they offer, pricing options, and the availability of accessories and upgrades.

Additionally, it will explore Hobby Lobby’s customer service and support for RC car enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Hobby Lobby offers a wide range of RC cars, including hobby grade cars with unique features and toy grade cars suitable for beginners.
  • They carry popular RC car brands such as Traxxas, Team Associated, and Axial, catering to different preferences and racing styles.
  • Hobby Lobby provides options for different budgets, offering affordable entry-level models and high-end performance vehicles.
  • They also offer a variety of accessories and upgrades for RC cars, including upgraded motors, performance tires, body kits, and maintenance tips.

Different Types of RC Cars Available at Hobby Lobby

Various types of remote control (RC) cars can be found at Hobby Lobby, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Hobby grade RC cars available at Hobby Lobby have unique features that set them apart from toy grade RC cars.

These hobby grade RC cars are designed for serious enthusiasts who desire more control over their vehicles. They offer advanced features such as adjustable suspension, high-performance motors, and precision steering systems. The pros of hobby grade RC cars include their durability, upgradeability, and the ability to handle various terrains. However, they require a higher level of maintenance and expertise compared to toy grade RC cars.

On the other hand, toy grade RC cars available at Hobby Lobby are more suitable for beginners or casual users due to their affordability and ease of use. While they lack some advanced features found in hobby grade models, they still provide an enjoyable experience for those looking for simple remote control fun.

Hobby Lobby’s Selection of RC Car Brands

A diverse range of remote-controlled car brands is available in the inventory of Hobby Lobby. Hobbyists who desire control and precision in their RC car racing competitions will find an array of options to choose from.

The following are some notable brands that can be found at Hobby Lobby:

  • Traxxas: Known for its high-performance vehicles, Traxxas offers a wide selection of RC cars suitable for both beginners and experienced racers. Their products boast durability, speed, and advanced features.

  • Team Associated: With a focus on competitive racing, Team Associated produces top-quality RC cars designed to excel on the track. Their vehicles are known for their exceptional handling and performance.

  • Axial: Specializing in rock crawlers and scale models, Axial offers RC cars with realistic designs and impressive off-road capabilities. These vehicles are ideal for enthusiasts looking to tackle challenging terrains.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of these RC cars, it is essential to follow proper maintenance tips such as cleaning the vehicle after use, regularly checking and lubricating moving parts, and replacing worn-out components. By implementing these measures, hobbyists can enjoy their remote-controlled car experiences to the fullest.

Pricing and Budget Options for RC Cars at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby offers a range of pricing options for remote-controlled cars, catering to different budget constraints. Customers can choose from various price points when purchasing an RC car at Hobby Lobby, ensuring that there is an option available for every budget. The store carries both affordable entry-level models as well as high-end performance vehicles, allowing enthusiasts to find the perfect match for their preferences and financial capabilities. To provide an overview of the pricing options available, the following table illustrates three popular RC car models offered at Hobby Lobby along with their corresponding prices:

Model Price
A $50
B $100
C $200

Hobby Lobby’s RC Car Accessories and Upgrades

Hobby Lobby offers a diverse range of accessories and upgrades for remote-controlled vehicles, allowing enthusiasts to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their RC cars. These customization options cater to the needs of individuals who desire control over their RC car’s capabilities and appearance.

Hobby Lobby’s extensive collection includes:

  • Upgraded motors: More powerful motors can increase speed and acceleration, providing a thrilling experience for users.
  • Performance tires: Specialized tires with improved traction allow for better handling and maneuverability on different surfaces.
  • Body kits: Various body kits are available, enabling users to personalize the look of their RC cars.

In addition to customization options, Hobby Lobby also provides maintenance tips for RC car owners. These tips cover areas such as cleaning, battery care, and general troubleshooting techniques to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the vehicle.

With these resources at hand, enthusiasts can fully enjoy their hobby while maintaining full control over their RC cars’ performance and aesthetics.

Hobby Lobby’s Customer Service and Support for RC Car Enthusiasts

Customer service and support for remote-controlled car enthusiasts at Hobby Lobby includes a range of resources aimed at assisting users in maximizing the performance and longevity of their vehicles.

Hobby Lobby recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and provides various avenues for customers to seek assistance or resolve any issues they may encounter with their RC cars.

The company offers a comprehensive return policy that allows customers to return or exchange products within a specified time frame, provided they meet certain conditions outlined in the policy. This ensures that customers have peace of mind when making purchases, knowing that they can easily address any concerns that may arise.

Additionally, Hobby Lobby’s knowledgeable staff is readily available to provide technical support and guidance, helping customers troubleshoot problems and find suitable solutions.

With a commitment to excellent customer service, Hobby Lobby strives to ensure that RC car enthusiasts have a positive experience throughout their ownership journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Popular RC Car Brands That Hobby Lobby Does Not Carry?

Popular RC car brands that are not carried by Hobby Lobby can be found at other retailers specializing in hobby and RC products. These include brands like Traxxas, Axial, Losi, Redcat Racing, and Team Associated.

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Any Discounts or Promotions on RC Cars?

Hobby Lobby does not offer discounts or promotions specifically on RC cars. It is unclear if they sponsor any RC car clubs or events, nor do they provide customizations or upgrades for RC cars.

Can Hobby Lobby Provide Guidance on Choosing the Right Type of RC Car for Beginners?

Choosing an RC car for beginners can be overwhelming. But, does Hobby Lobby provide guidance on the right type? An objective analysis of their services and resources reveals whether they offer assistance in this area.

Are There Any Exclusive RC Car Models or Limited Edition Releases Available at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby offers a range of RC car models, including some that are exclusive to the store. Additionally, they occasionally release limited edition versions of popular RC cars, providing customers with unique options.

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Any Warranty or Repair Services for RC Cars PuRChased From Their Store?

Hobby Lobby offers a warranty for their RC cars, with the duration varying depending on the specific model. Additionally, they provide repair services for RC cars purchased from their store, allowing customers to address any issues or damages that may occur.


Hobby Lobby offers a variety of RC cars for enthusiasts. Their selection includes different types of RC cars, such as off-road and on-road vehicles. Hobby Lobby carries well-known brands like Traxxas and Axial, ensuring quality options for customers. Pricing options are available to accommodate various budgets, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced hobbyists. Additionally, Hobby Lobby provides a range of accessories and upgrades for RC cars, allowing enthusiasts to customize their vehicles further.

While some may argue that Hobby Lobby’s customer service lacks in-depth knowledge about RC cars, the store’s wide selection and affordable prices make it a popular choice among hobbyists.


In conclusion, Hobby Lobby is a reliable option for those interested in purchasing RC cars. With its diverse range of vehicle types, reputable brands, affordable pricing options, and extensive collection of accessories and upgrades, the store caters to the needs of all levels of hobbyists. While there may be concerns about the depth of knowledge from customer service representatives regarding RC cars specifically, the overall benefits offered by Hobby Lobby outweigh this potential drawback.

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